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Frequently Asked Questions


What age should I start training my dog?

The day you get it! It’s never too early. Start with very short sessions & keep it fun for you & the dog. Practice walking on a lead around your house & start outdoor socialisation by carrying your pup to busy places. Establish a good recall word. However, please also note that it’s never too late either. Many older rescue dogs with no previous training have gone on to complete all the Good Citizen awards.


What do I need to bring with me?

All our training is reward based, so bring something your dog finds rewarding! This can be food or a toy. Food treats should be tiny pieces of chopped up sausage, cheese, liver etc. The smaller the better, giving your dog a taste – but wanting more! We will also teach grooming & send to bed, so bring a brush and a piece of bedding. Your dog can wear its normal collar, harness or headcollar. Choke chains or other adversive tools are not permitted.


Will I need to practice at home?

Yes! Make your practice sessions short, but often. Always set your dog up to succeed. Vary the locations, but remember you will need more rewards if there are distractions.


Can you train my dog for me?

No! Training is all about the relationship between you & your dog. Our job is to teach YOU how to train your dog.