Our Instructors

Kaye Littlehales ADTB, IMDT, KCAI

I’m Kaye and I have been involved with the club since 2006 as a participant, helper and instructor. During this time I have taken five dogs through the Good Citizen Scheme all of different breeds and backgrounds so I know how you feel!


Training the human end of the lead and working my own dogs is my passion or even obsession. To enable me to train you, I am an assessed and Kaye1qualified member of the Academy of Dog Training & Behaviour and The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. I am an accredited Kennel Club instructor, specialising in Companion Dog Training and the Good Citizen Scheme. I am also a certified KC rally judge and an A list Good Citizen examiner at all levels. All my methods are based on positive reinforcement which is scientifically proven to get the best results for you and your dog.


When I’m not working with people and their dogs or on instructor training courses I am busy working and competing with my own dogs. Currently, I have a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever who competes in Working Trials, UK Tracking Dog, Rally, Obedience and Breed Showing. We have also undertaken classes in Agility, Heelwork to Music and Hoopers. With her, I have been to Crufts as part of an Obreedience team and I have had two wins in breed shows. I also have a young working Labrador who will hopefully be my next Working Trials and Tracking dog. They certainly keep me busy and hopefully, my experiences with them will help everyone I teach. Previously I have owned setters and a GSD and have been involved with a foster/rehomed dog.


Hannah Medley PACT ABTC

Hi, I’m Hannah and I teach classes at Evesham dog training club. I love teaching you to train your dog and seeing the progress you all make. I have a degree in Psychology and a masters in social science. I fell in love with dog training after getting my gorgeous Working Cocker Spaniel. I started like you as a member of the club at puppy classes learning everything from Kaye. We have also attended gundog training and agility classes over the last few years.hannah

I completed a dog training course with PACT (Professional Association of Canine Trainers) which took a year and was skills and knowledge assessed- due to the level of the course, I am also registered as a dog trainer with the ABTC (Animal Behaviour Training Council). I love learning and keep attending new courses, expanding my knowledge and passing it on to you.

I am also a volunteer for a charity called Veterans with Dogs. Through the charity veterans living with PTSD can have dogs placed with them and I offer dog training to support this. They follow my programme until they become fully qualified assistance dogs. The emotional support they give to veterans is phenomenal.





Lisa Bown ADTB, IMDT

Hi, I’m Lisa and I teach classes at Evesham Dog Training Club. I enjoy teaching people to train theirdogs and take enormous pleasure in watching the partnership grow.lisa

I met Kaye when I enrolled my dogs at the club. I have never looked back. I completed a course with ADTB and qualified with them as a dog trainer. I am currently enrolled on IMDT courses to expand my knowledge and keep up to date with training techniques.

I have had dogs all of my life, but my love of horses from a very young age led me to qualify as a BHSAI. I retired 10 years ago after many years of teaching young children to ride horses and competing with my own. I got my first Labrador shortly after and my journey into gundog training began.

I found a new passion, a new love of training. I now have four Labradors, three of which are home bred. I am part of a Labrador Obreedience team, I take part in Rally Obedience and I have gained a WGC on both dummies and game.






Can’t stress how brilliant these ladies are. Thoroughly recommend and wouldn’t go anywhere else now’