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Start your journey with your puppy with us. We run small classes for fully vaccinated puppies that are packed with advice on socialising, toilet training, essential training and cues. We create a strong base for your puppy’s future learning and development, leading to the Kennel Club Puppy Foundation certificate and rosette. Our puppy classes are ongoing, there is no time limit to your learning and the support that we offer.

Move up, mixed and advanced group classes:

We believe that all dogs should be given the opportunity to learn and grow in a supportive and varied environment. Our group classes are designed to encourage your dog’s development, whatever stage they are at, from practising essential skills to refining and adding flair to more advanced abilities. We offer the Kennel Club Good Citizen tests from Bronze to Gold level, holding test days throughout the year. Come and learn alongside your dog in a fun and engaging way.

Dog Training Services


Fun agility is a lovely activity for energetic dogs over 12 months. Learn to jump, turn, weave, go over dog walks, through tunnels, all on verbal cues and follow a course. The aim of the class is to connect with your dog while using equipment so they build confidence and learn to work with you! We hold 2 classes on a Monday and do regular workshops and evening short classes during the warmer lighter months.

Dog Training Services

Fun Gundog:

Do you have a gundog? Interested in understanding your dog’s basic behaviour? Do they like to carry socks everywhere? Come and do a beginners gundog workshop where we will look and learn whistle work, placeboards, teaching the skills to do a more formal retrieve, connection with your dog in the outside world, hunting! Play specific games that your dog will love!

Dog Training Services


Flyball is a canine relay race in which teams of dogs take turns jumping hurdles and retrieving a tennis ball. But there’s a twist! To get the tennis ball, each dog must pounce on a spring-loaded box that ejects the ball and once they have the ball, they have to return to their team before the next dog can start the course.


  • Strengthen the bond between you and your dog
  • Learn to work as a team at a distance
  • Increase your dog’s confidence
  • Great physical exercise and mental stimulation
Dog Training Services


Where humans see the world through vision, our dogs see the word through their nose. In face 40% of our dogs brain is dedicated to scent, so this is the perfect natural outlet for their natural instincts. It is fun, mentally challenging, and has been provide to reduce stress and anxiety, helping nervous dogs build confidence.

Scentwork – the activity your dog would choose!

Dog Training Services


Rally is the newest of the KC sports. It involves the dog and handler negotiating a course of stations each of which has a task to perform.

It’s a great way to teach your dog new stuff and improving the accuracy of things they already know. Walking with you forwards, sideways or backwards, developing sits, downs and stands. In the higher levels there are jumps, send aways and retrieves too.

We can help whether you want to compete at live KC shows or online. Our online club is perfect is you have a reactive dog that can’t attend classes or if you prefer not to travel.

You don’t need space or equipment to practice rally, so it’s a perfect home based training activity for you both.

Dog Training Services

Canine Hoopers:

Canine Hoopers is a low impact dog agility sport with no jumping or climbing. Suitable for dogs from 6 months old, although we can start puppies on the foundation work at any time. Courses include hoops, barrels, tunnels and running contact mats to create a flowing course that is suitable for all sizes and breeds of dog. A key part of the Hoopers training is distance handling, meaning that courses are accessible to all handlers  – there is no need to run! Courses become more challenging as dogs and handlers progress through the levels, with bonus boxes and challenge lines.

The benefits are that dogs are encouraged to be confident working at a distance (proven results with nervous dogs), strengthening the connection between you, learning to wait at the start and understanding instructions and most of all to have fun with you.

Dog Training Services

Dog Parkour:

Using everyday obstacles with no need for any special equipment, Dog Parkour gives opportunities for you and your dog to have fun together, building confidence and trust, enhancing communication and learning new skills. Any obstacle can be used, provided that it is safe. Use your dogs enjoyment of climbing, balancing, crawling and jumping to navigate their way through the behaviours included in the Dog Parkour levels.


Mantrailing (aka canine hide and seek) provides mental stimulation, builds confidence and enhances a dog’s natural abilities. It helps to develop a strong bond between the handler and the dog, increases obedience, and fulfils their instinctual need to use their sense of smell. Additionally, it offers a productive outlet for energy, making it beneficial for physical exercise and overall well-being.

Mantrailing is suitable for any dog breed and is particularly beneficial if you have a nervous or reactive dog.

Breaking news - UK Scent Sport

A new and exciting dog sport is coming to EDTC. We will be among the first clubs in the country offering ‘UK Scent Sport’ workshops.

A blend of mantrailing and scentwork skills.

This sport aims to engage dogs’ incredible sense of smell while providing a fun and challenging experience for both dogs and their handlers. This is a sport that can be trained to achieve levels through all four of the categories, you also have the option of entering competitions.

  1. Kong Search
  2. Catnip Retrieve
  3. Scent Match
  4. Trailing ID search

Whether you have a working dog or a family pet, this scent sport offers an opportunity for dogs of all breeds and sizes to engage their minds, hone their scenting abilities and foster a stronger bond with their handlers.

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