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Lesly-Jane Edgar

Our Instructors
Canine Hoopers UK accredited instructor, Dog Parkour UK instructor

Hello, I’m Lesly. I have been involved with the Evesham Dog Training Club for several years, bringing my dogs to classes with Kaye and Brenda. I started with Molly, a labradoodle and my first dog and have since brought five dogs of different breeds including rescues, to training. I never thought when we collected that blonde, fluffy puppy that she would lead to so many happy times, new experiences, friends and shared interests, as well as another 4 dogs! I have recently taken over running the club from Kaye, something that I am very proud and excited to be doing.

I am affiliated to the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers. I have trained my own dogs in obedience, agility and gundog, as well as attending mantrailing. I continue to train my dogs and teach Canine Hoopers and Dog Parkour as an accredited instructor for both sports, as well as a Level 1 evaluator for Dog Parkour UK. As part of my Canine Hoopers teaching, I organise and run the Canine Hoopers sessions at the Young Kennel Club days.

I enjoy learning and expanding my knowledge and experience, attending training courses and webinars.  I have spent time studying at the Wolf and Dog Development Centre in Cornwall and am currently completing the Complete Canine Wellness course from Dr. Isla Fisher.

I really enjoy training my dogs (well, most of the time anyway!) and especially making learning fun for the dogs and the humans, encouraging and supporting the bond between them. I love seeing that “I get it moment” and nothing can beat the happy face of your dog or puppy running towards you.

Kaye Littlehales ADTB, IMDT, KCAI

Our Instructors

I have been involved with Evesham Dog Training Club since 2005, when I joined with my first dog. I found the classes friendly and supportive and quickly became hooked on dog training. Over the years I have gained qualifications with ADTB, IMDT, become a Kennel Club accredited trainer, a Good Citizen examiner and rally judge. In 2013 I was given the opportunity to run the club, a role I have enjoyed immensely and only a geographical relocation has led me to taking a back set from teaching since early 2024.

I am passionate about helping both ends of the lead and also mentoring new instructors. Dog training should be a way of life for you and your dog and I am very proud of the Club’s excellent reputation. Our results, feedback and retention rates speak for themselves.

I hope your enjoy your dog training journey with us.

Hannah Medley PACT ABTC

Our Instructors

Hi, I’m Hannah and I teach classes at Evesham dog training club. I love teaching you to train your dog and seeing the progress you all make. I have a degree in Psychology and a master’s in social science. I fell in love with dog training after getting my gorgeous Working Cocker Spaniel. I started to like you as a member of the club at puppy classes learning everything from Kaye. We have also attended gundog training and agility classes over the last few years.

I completed a dog training course with PACT (Professional Association of Canine Trainers) which took a year and was skills and knowledge assessed- due to the level of the course, I am also registered as a dog trainer with the ABTC (Animal Behaviour Training Council). I love learning and keep attending new courses, expanding my knowledge and passing it on to you.

I am also a volunteer for a charity called Veterans with Dogs. Through the charity veterans living with PTSD can have dogs placed with them and I offer dog training to support this. They follow my programme until they become fully qualified assistance dogs. The emotional support they give to veterans is phenomenal.

Karen Hague IMDT

Our Instructors

I’m Karen, I met Kaye through The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and she asked me to teach classes at Evesham Dog Training.

My journey with dogs started many years ago with my own. My first dog was a rescued lurcher followed by a Collie and Cavalier King Charles. I owned my beloved Collie for 16 years and in that time I competed in flyball with her, We also enjoyed basic obedience training and fun agility.

I’ve always loved training dogs and whilst I ran my own business looking after and training horses this seemed to come hand in hand with dogs and would regularly help my clients with theirs. In more recent years I took on a complex rescue dog and this encouraged me to change in my full-time career and become a qualified dog trainer with the IMDT. I also studied Hoopers to teach for fun and became an instructor with Canine Hoopers World. I really enjoy teaching people with their dogs and watching them grow together.

Maria Lovell PACT ABTC

Our Instructors

I became interested in dog training and behaviour when one of my own dogs became reactive to other dogs and I wanted to learn how to help her. I started with a behavioural course with the British College of Canine Studies and then The Professional Association of Canine Trainers which are accredited by the Animal and Behaviour and Training Council. Since qualifying, I have been helping 1-2-1 clients and teaching group classes at Evesham Dog Training Club.

Through PACT, I also developed an interest in scent work for dogs. I have undertaken training with The School of Canine Science and running classes. Scent work is fun, provides mental enrichment and can build confidence in anxious dogs which I thoroughly enjoy teaching.

Currently, I own two standard poodles.

Lis Stirling PACT

Our Instructors

I’m Lis and I began at Evesham DTC as a participant with my own dog. That sparked an interest in training & behaviour and as I had had a long career in teaching, combining my new passion with a skill I was familiar with seemed the perfect thing to do. After a classroom of 30 unruly teenagers, managing a group of people and dogs is easy! I am qualified with PACT and ABTC.

I will always have a soft spot for springer spaniels have been privileged to share 14  years with my beautiful boy, Tem. Now I live with two Labradors, Ellie & Amber. As well as basic training we are familiar with the exercises in Working Trials and Rally and we have recently started Mantrailing which I will pursue further.

I really enjoy teaching classes and making learning fun for humans and dogs.


Our Instructors

Hi, I’m Lisa and I share my life with four Border Collies. I teach Kennel Club Good Citizen classes, Hoopers and Rally Obedience at the Club.

My love for dogs started in early childhood, growing up with a Poodle and a Basset Hound, and walking seven Springer Spaniels for an elderly couple who bred them. I’ve also had Collie cross Labradors and a Doberman, attending training classes with all. I have trained 6 dogs to Kennel Club Good Citizen gold.

I taught Kennel Club Good Citizen classes at the Walford & North Shropshire College and at Up n Over Dog Agility School in North Oxfordshire. I have a distinction from the Animal Care College for teaching Kennel Club Good Citizen and I am undertaking a training course to become a Canine Hoopers UK accredited instructor and hope to qualify as a Rally judge in mid-2024. I have competed in agility with my eldest dog and currently compete in Kennel Club Rally shows and Rally online. I’ve also competed in Obedience on a couple of occasions and qualified for Crufts 2023.

I love helping people and get great pleasure from watching dogs and handlers learn together. Your achievements will mean as much to me as they will to you.

Jordan Butler BSc (hons) MRes

Our Instructors

Hi, I am Jordan. When I moved to the area just over a year ago, I was fortunate to connect with the incredible EDTC team of instructors and Kaye who are all exceptional trainers. I specialise in reactivity and aggression, helping owners who are looking to achieve relaxing walks with their dogs or help their dogs to be calm at home. I support the dogs who are not quite ready for a group environment, teaching the skills needed for you to both thrive and enjoy all the EDTC has to offer.

I have worked with dogs as a dog trainer and behaviour consultant for 10 years, supporting owners and their dogs to achieve the goals they set out. I have graduated with a degree and masters by research in Animal Behaviour and Welfare. I have always been passionate about animals and fell in love with training when training my own dogs through the Kennel Club Good Citizens Scheme. I eventually began shadowing then running KC GCS classes. I focused on supporting the dogs who were struggling in class, which directed my career towards behaviour to better help these dogs and their owners.

My experience as an instructor includes working as a lecturer at College and University level within the field of Canine Behaviour and Training. I have achieved an Award and Certificate in Education and Training from the City and Guilds. I understand how we learn and can tailor the training plan we build together to ensure you meet the goals you have set.

I have built my hands on practical skills working through behaviour rehab programmes for aggression working in rescue as a dog trainer and behaviourist for 5 years. This means that the programmes I teach to owners I have worked through myself with a dog from start to finish so I truly understand how challenging supporting a dog with reactivity and aggression can be.

I feel owners who are supporting dogs with reactivity and aggression are absolute superstars and are not celebrated nearly enough. I am thankful for every opportunity I get to help these incredibly devoted animal lovers.

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